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No HPPs will be built along Osum Canyons

The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has declared that no Hydro Power Plant will be built along the Osum Canyons in the Skrapar area of the country.

“Since when the previous government approved the permit, there was something suspicious about it. It resulted that the permit was a criminal fabrication with manipulated coordinates.

“The individuals involved in this fabrication will be reported to the Prosecution and the entire procedure will be cancelled”, reads a statement that PM Rama posted on his Facebook page.

“I want to thank citizens who were the first to send this signal through the “Albania We Want” online platform and the others who were involved in publishing this attempted crime.

“No government is without mistakes, but the difference is in the way how they react to mistakes. We apologize to everyone who was rightfully concerned after receiving the bad news that the wonderful Canyons could be damaged, a place that I am looking forward to visiting soon, with the wonderful boys and girls of the Albanian Rafting Federation”, Rama said.

Scan Tv,  12.02.2018