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KESH secures 8.5 m euros from sale

8.5m euros is the amount secured by the Albanian Power Corporation KESH as a result of the sale of energy for the period April 1-30.

Rainfall seems to have favored power generation significantly, causing part of it to be sold and thus providing revenue to the producing company.

In parallel, KESH has also opened another sales procedure for 49600 mwh, for the period April 1-4, which will provide additional revenue for the company.

The sale of energy comes after a difficult year for the corporation in 2017, which ended with losses.

According to the annual balance sheet, the level of losses was recorded at around ALL 1.1 billion, unlike the previous year, with a positive balance of ALL 1.7 billion.

This situation was expected, due to the spending to purchase electricity, as a result of lack of rainfall.

Even the energy balance showed a lower amount of produced electricity compared to 2016. According to official data, about 3.5 million MwH were produced in 2017, while for the previous year this amount was 6.2 million MwH, or around 50% higher.

The prolonged drought in 2017 lowered electricity production by 36.6% compared to the previous year, significantly increasing imports and lowering exports.

The Energy Balance, published by the Institute of Statistics, shows that all energy producers, such as public and private power plants and concessional power plants, have suffered a decline in electricity production, something that increased imports by 86.3%.

Scan Tv,  31.03.2018