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Gas-powered plant in Korça

A gas-powered power and heating plant of 500 MW is expected to be built in the city of Korça.

The project was presented during the round table organized by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and IVICOM GmbH.

The investment value for the construction of this plant on the outskirts of the city is projected to be 500 million euros.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri, this investment is proposed to be entirely private, without any impact on the State Budget.

He added that the arrival of natural gas in Albania via the TAP pipeline creates an opportunity for a safe source of energy production.

“Korça is presented as the site where the gas plant for heating and power generation can be built, as the arrival of natural gas in Albania through TAP creates an opportunity to have a safe and efficient source of energy production, disconnected from unsafe hydrological conditions, and therefore it can serve to increase security of supply,” Gjiknuri said.

In addition, along with a boost for the local economy due to the construction of greenhouse units, according to the study, this investment can provide efficient and clean heating for Korca residents through a district network.

Scan TV,  30.03.2018