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Albania gets three main benefits from TAP

The agreement that changes the benefits of Albania from TAP pipeline was discussed at the parliamentary committee of production activities.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Industry Koli Bele gave details on the additional benefits that Albania benefits from the project.

Benefits can be grouped into three categories: benefits that stem from amendments to legislation with a fiscal impact, and as such these are benefits that would extend throughout the period when the TAP will function, therefore starting from this point in time and extending for the entire period; then, we have the benefits of a legal character, where the most tangible is connected with the fiscal stability, but even with the duration of the agreement; in addition to these, other important elements of this agreement are related to direct benefits to the community, which are direct payments to community projects. If we were to quantify these benefits, we can say that, in total, including a long-term effect of fiscal alleviation and changes with a fiscal impact, we reach a margin which is approximately $ 90 million,” Bele said.

The ministry representative explained that Albania is committed to maximize its benefits from this project.

This refers to the establishment of the necessary capacity for gasification and utilization of the gas industry in the country.

The company “Albgas”, established earlier this year, may be engaged in the maintenance of the TAP network in Albania, but this is a point that still needs to be discussed.

Scan Tv,  13.04.2017