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Albania ranked seventh in Europe for renewable energy

Renewable resources hold 34.9% of the total electricity production in Albania.

The data published by the statistical office of the European Union refer to the year 2015 and serve as a comparative basis with other European and regional countries.

The European Union has set the level of 20% as an objective of the total energy production by 2020.

Currently, this rate is at the level of 16.7% for the countries of the union, while in 2004 it was just at 8.5%.

Differences between EU member states, as well as other countries included, such as Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Norway, Iceland and Macedonia, are high.

Among the 34 countries considered, Albania is ranked 7th on the list of countries that have a high percentage of renewable energy, as well as one of the 15 countries that has a rate over 20%, which is the objective of the European Union.

Eurostat estimates that in 2004, this rate was at the level of 28.1% of the total production, and that is gradually increasing over the years.

This rate touched a record level in 2012, when it amounted to 35.2% of the total production. Eurostat notes that Albania’s objective is to reach the rate of 38% in 2020.

European countries that have the lowest rate of renewable energy sources are Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands with 5, 5 and 5.8% respectively.

In the first place of the ranking is Norway and Iceland, with 69.4 and 70.2% respectively.

Regarding the region, Montenegro holds sway with 43.1%.

Renewable energy sources include solar energy, photovoltaic energy, hydro energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and all forms of biomass.

Scan Tv,  16.03.2017