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Energy balance for 6 months – 52% of energy comes from private HPPs

About 2.7 million mwh of energy was produced during the first 6 months of this year from all generating sources in the country, while private hydropower plants dominated production with 52% of the total amount. According to data reported by the Energy Regulatory Authority, the public hydropower plants of the Drini Cascade produced about 1.31 million mwh of energy or 48% of the total energy generated. During March of this year, the production and hydropower plant of Moglica started, generating for the 4-month period 52.7 mwh of energy or 2% of the total.

Meanwhile, the level of losses in the distribution network for the 6-month period reached 22.84%, marking an improvement compared to the same period last year, where losses were estimated at 23.72%. The level of receipts also has an increasing tendency during May and June, compared to the quarantine months, where there was a significant decrease in the payment of electricity bills. For the 6-month period, the level of receipts reached 94.3% of the total invoices generated by OSHEE.

Scan, 12.08.2020