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Energy performance, WEF: Albania at the top of the region

The World Economic Forum has analyzed 115 different countries of the world regarding the performance of energy systems but also the readiness to move towards a safer, more sustainable and affordable energy system.

Albania is one of the countries analyzed and ranked 38th in the world, says World Economic Forum in the Global Transition Energy Index. The performance of the system in our country is estimated at 62% and the willingness to move towards a better system, at 52%. In the overall index, it is estimated at 60%, ranking not only a few European countries but also many developed countries in the world, such as Australia.

The overall index puts Sweden at the global level together with Switzerland and Norway, while from the opposite side of the table we have Haiti. Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are worse than our country in the ranking, while North Macedonia and Kosovo are not taken into consideration. This makes Albania the first in the region with regard to energy performance.

Scan,  26.03.2019