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80% of TAP project completed

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline Consortium recently announced that 80% of the work in Albania and Greece has been completed, where is concentrated the bulk of the project.

According to the consortium, so far 627 kilometers have been completed in Albania and Greece, out of 878 kilometers of the project.

After the completion of this phase, the works for the final and the most delicate phase will be started, the pipeline will be extended to the Adriatic Sea, where the link between Albania and the Puglia region in Italy will be established.

Some weeks ago, the consortium announced that the delivery of all materials has been completed in Albania, Greece and Italy, which translates at the fastest working pace hereafter.

Completion of works within the deadline is repeatedly underlined by the European Union, which sees the pipeline as a strategic project, to reduce somewhat Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.

In Albania, the works seem to have been running at more than satisfactory rates.

Scan Tv,  09.11.2017