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KESH purchases full amount for energy

The Albanian Power Corporation KESH has concluded the electricity purchase procedure for November.

After reviewing the bids, the company managed to purchase all the required amount of 129,600 MwH, while a total of around 8.8m euros were spent.

According to estimates, KESH managed to buy energy at an average price of 67.76 euros / mwh, which is significantly higher than the average price of the previous month.

This is because, during October, the Corporation purchased 111,750 mwh of energy at an average price of 50.85 euros / mwh, which meant that for November 1 mwh cost KESH 16.91 euros more than a month earlier.

Energy purchases come in the condition that generating assets are not producing enough power due to the lack of rainfall, while a World Bank loan will be used for the November acquisition.

After sending the Bid Evaluation Report on the purchase of electricity from KESH, the Bank has already approved the spending of 8.8 million euros.

In terms of drought, the Electricity Distribution Operator OSHEE is also conducting energy purchasing procedures, whereas according to the data it is estimated that for the period July-October, a total of 86 million euros have been spent in total.

Scan Tv,  31.10.2017