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TAP, ready to start second phase of construction

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline contractors have announced that 47% of the first phase of works in Greece and Albania has been completed so far.

So, about 370 kilometers of gas pipeline in both countries is ready for the second phase of works, announces TAP consortium.

In Greece, the length of the pipeline will be 550 kilometers, while in Albania it covers 215 kilometers.

The rest of the project will extend in Italy, just 8 kilometers, and in the Adriatic seabed, with a length of over 105 kilometers.

The project is expected to finish by 2020, and the European Union has set it as a key priority, and has repeatedly stated that the timely completion of construction works is of a crucial importance.

So far, with the exception of Italy, works in Greece and Albania have continued according to the plan, and there is no delay so far.

In Italy, meanwhile, the works have been suspended, due to disagreements between local authorities and residents of the Puglia region, on the one hand, and the contracting firm, on the other.

Scan Tv,  21.04.2017