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A hybrid train in Tirana

The train line will be functional again in Tirana just that now with a hybrid train. Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj during a conversation for Budget 2019 with residents in Unit 9 explained how this train will work.

“The good news that came to us is that we will use train in Tirana, in the same place where the train station was. The novelty is that we will have an electric train in Tirana. We have chosen a hybrid train, which will work with fuel outside of Tirana, but when it enters Tirana, it will work with electricity “– explained Veliaj.

Veliaj also presented the project for the transformation of Boulevard “Zogu I”, which will be an area dedicated to tourists. “Our ambition is to transform the Boulevard” Zogu I “from the former Train Station to Skanderbeg Square into a shopping street,  for this we will fix all the facades, we will expand even more the pavement, we will have 4 squares and 4 ‘marketplaces’. It will be one of the most beautiful streets in Tirana, without much distinction from the New Boulevard “– said Veliaj.

Unit 9 is one of the areas that will benefit from the project for the construction of the “Eagle” roundabout, significantly improving the circulation of cars. The work is expected to begin rehabilitation of one of the most well-known blocks in the capital, which is bordered by the streets “Mine Peza”, “Fortuzi”, “Zogu I”, “Haxhi Hysendalliu”, “Asim Vokshi”.

Scan,  10.11.2018