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Albanians pay more than Swedes for electricity

In Albania, electricity prices are higher than in countries such as Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and a significant proportion of European Union countries.

The data published by Eurostat shows that energy prices in the country expressed in buyers’ parity are relatively high compared to other European countries.

This kind of price indexing does not show the absolute value but rather the real value as it is measured in comparison to the standard of living in a given location, and is therefore a real meter.

Eurostat charts show in many of Europe’s most developed countries such as Luxembourg, energy prices are convincingly lower.

Compared to the region in the meantime, Albanians pay less than Montenegrins but more than Macedonians or Serbs.

In absolute terms, therefore, as far as the absolute price for every 100 KwH energy is concerned, Albania offers the third lowest price on the continent, after Macedonia and Kosovo.

Among other things, Albania is in the only country of the list where the energy price has not changed during 2017 compared with 2016.

Eurostat also underlines the fact that in Albania the tax rate on price is only 17%, which is even the 3rd lowest rate on the continent.

Scan Tv,  31.05.2018