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Prolonged drought caused a reduction in energy production

The prolonged drought in 2017 has resulted in lowered power production by 36.6% compared to the previous year, affecting significantly the increase in imports and the decline in exports.

According to the Energy Balance, published by the Institute of Statistics, the domestic net production during 2017 was 4,525 GWh, from 7,136 GWh of energy produced in 2016.

A decline in electricity production have reported all energy producers, such as public hydropower plants (-42.7%) and private and concessional hydropower plants (-21.3%).

Given the low production, gross imports grew by 86.3%, while the amount of gross exports decreased by 73.9% compared to 2016.

Meanwhile, according to INSTAT network losses suffered improvement, dropping by 5,5% compared to the previous year.

Even distribution losses in 2017 fell 4.3% compared to last year. Meanwhile, transmision losses fell by 16.9% and account for 8.4% of total network losses.

Regarding the use of electricity by consumers, this indicator increased by 8.9%, reaching 5.563GWh, from 5.108 GWh that it was in 2016.

The largest impact on the increase of electricity usage by consumers was provided by non-household customers, which contributed by +7.6 percentage points, versus the contribution of +1.3 percentage points of energy consumed by household customers.

Scan Tv,  08.03.2018