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Serbia jeopardizes Albania-Kosovo Interconnection Line

The 400-kW power transmission line linking Albania with Kosovo is facing a possible failing.

The alert comes from Albania’s State Supreme Audit, which has audited this year the project for the construction of this line.

In its final report, SSA notes that although the Albanian part of the project has been completed and taken over by the OST, the line is both not functional and it also jeopardizes the project’s future.

The cause is cited to be the condition set by Serbia that Kosovo should license a supplier from Serbia to supply part of the country’s north in areas inhabited by Serbs.

Meanwhile, the Kosovo Distribution Operator has signed a recognition agreement with the European Network of Energy Distribution Operators, which has not yet become effective due to the Serbian condition.

Albanian and Kosovo operators have asked the European regulator to lift the Serbian non-technical condition that hinders Kosovo’s operator to perform its functions, but a final answer has not been received as yet.

The State Supreme Audit asks OST to inform the Assembly and the Albanian Government to be aware of the crippling costs, but especially on the project’s possible failure.

From the relevant Albanian authorities it is estimated that the annual losses from the missing revenues from the line malfunction are 500,000 to 1 million euros per year.

On the other hand, the Kosovo Transmission Operator OTK loses about 14 million euros in each fiscal year by not collecting cross-border energy transmission tariffs, which go to the Serbian operator’s coffers.

Scan Tv,  23.10.2017