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Albanians among first buyers of cryptocurrency Petro

Albanians are among the first buyers of the newest virtual currency in the market, Petro, which is a cryptocurrency that is supported by the oil reserves of Venezuela.

Just a few days ago, President Nicolas Maduro announced the release of the cryptocurrency in the virtual market, which aims to bypass sanctions against the country that has been severely hit by the economic crisis.

The Venezuelan newspaper Correo del Orinoco, which has the backing of the country’s government, writes that so far have been bought 3 billion dollars in cryptocurrency by various investors from more than 100 countries around the world, including Albania.

Apparently, the Albanians have not been able to escape the temptation to invest in the newest currency crisis in the market, with a negligible potential, given the fact that this currency is directly linked to oil and is controlled by the state with the most major oil reserves in the world, Venezuela.

Despite the fact that the Bank of Albania has repeatedly appealed for caution as far as crypto valves are concerned, the boom of recent months in the market value of these currencies has led many Albanians to consider it as a convenient way of investing.

Scan Tv,  03.03.2018